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  • Home page: NASA/ESA
  • News: 100 Hours of Astronomy, Lee H Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership, B. Berger/NSF, LIGO Laboratory
  • Science: NASA, K. Thorne/Caltech/T. Carnahan/GSFC, Henze/NASA, A. Stuver/LIGO, D. Hoak/LIGO, LIGO Laboratory
  • Multimedia: See Multimedia page
  • Partners: GEO600, VIRGO/EGO, LCGT, LISA
  • About: E. Goetz, Lee H Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership
  • Community/environment: V. Kondrashov

Texts/descriptions: LIGO Scientific Collaboration

Web Page Development: The LIGO Scientific Collaboration Web Page Committee and their Collaborators

The development of this page was a team effort, with all members of the committee making contributions in most areas. Below we list members of the committee and some individuals from outside and their more significant contributions.

  • Marc Favata: web committee chair; overall site maintenance
  • Martin Hendry: science summaries
  • Joey Key: education and public outreach chair
  • Ben Owen: overall architecture
  • William Katzman: LIGO lab liason
  • Amber Henry: LIGO lab liason
  • David Reitze: funding acknowlegments, legal information, advice and experience
  • Al Lazzarini: LIGO lab liaison and advisor
  • Veronica Kondrashov: look and feel of the page, style sheets, HTML expertise
  • Amber Stuver: Science pages, Students/Teachers/Public pages and LIGO Livingston outreach
  • Lucia Santamaria: Spanish translation
  • Patrick Brady: svn archive, php script development, sandbox site maintainance
  • Matt Robinson: foundation and php infrastructure (external contributor from Univ. of Sheffield)
  • Ed Daw: php script development, text for Partners and GEO lab liaison
  • Dennis Ugolini: Multimedia page and database
  • Marco Cavaglia: Multimedia page and outreach
  • Dale Ingram: Students/Teachers/Public pages and LIGO Hanford outreach
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