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Laser maintenance Arm length stabilization Faraday isolator baffle

Pre-mode cleaner reflection 35W laser Laser reference cavity

LLO PSL table LLO PSL table LLO PSL with periscope

Laser system Water-cooled beam dump Inside the ref cavity

Pump diodes The laser system Populating the PSL table

Connecting pump diodes Unpacking PSL Squeezer optical table

PSL arrives from AEI/LZH PSL arrives from AEI/LZH Moving H2 PSL table

PSL enclosure construction PSL enclosure construction Initial LIGO locked IFO

35 Watt laser, 10/2008 Enhanced LIGO electro-optic modulator,  (Credit: U. Florida)
35 Watt laser.

Images are provided by the LIGO Laboratory unless otherwise noted. LIGO Lab images may be used freely in the public domain with appropriate acknowledgement.


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