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Large optic suspension Earthquake stops Optic prism locator

LLO test mass TCS steering mirror Power recycling optic 2

LLO test mass Power recycling optic 3 Baffle suspension

Large optic testing Mode matching optic End reaction mass

Trans monitor optics HAM1 tip-tilt suspension LLO input optics

Mode cleaner optic Mode cleaner optic Complete HAM2 table, LLO

ETM quad suspension ITM and fold mirror suspensions ITM quad suspension

Beam splitter ITM suspension removal Power recycling optic

Remove First Contact on dummy ESD preparation Faraday isolator components

Advanced LIGO optic suspended by glass fibers Fiber welds on a large optic Small and large HAM suspensions

HAM small optic suspension HAM small optic suspension Bonding ears onto a mass

A Initial LIGO test mass suspension
Advanced LIGO prototype quadruple suspension

Corning fused silicasubstrate for end test mass
Fused silica polished Advanced LIGO mode cleaner mirror
(U. Florida)

Small optic suspension (U. Florida)

View of the interior of the LIGO vacuum system
(U. Florida)

View of the end test mass mirror and beam reducing telescope

Fisheye view of the LIGO input optics Enhanced LIGO Faraday isolator (K. Dooley, U. Florida)

LIGO beam path in the input optics (U. Florida)

Large optic illuminated in a locked interferometer Close-up of inner test mass (optic)
Suspended inner test mass

Images are provided by the LIGO Laboratory unless otherwise noted. LIGO Lab images may be used freely in the public domain with appropriate acknowledgement.


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