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LLO signal recycling B&K resonance test Cryopump baffle

LHO trans monitor Input tube & baffle LHO trans monitor

LHO trans monitor LLO input optics LLO baffle and suspension

Controls breadboard Light pipe installation Electrostatic drive prep

Tube (Spool) inspection LLO triple suspension team Suspension assembly

Baking suspension springs Packing an Optic Suspension Chamber cleaning

Baffle installation Baffle installation Baffle install team

Lifting an ISI/SUS assembly Lifting an ISI Cleaning PSL table

Preparing Advanced LIGO PSL table legs A HAM ISI A BSC ISI

Moving a LHO vacuum chamber Control room Output tube removal - covering an exposed end

Adjusting optic suspensions in situ
Assembling the HEPI seismic isolation system

Assembling a test mass suspension
Moving a test mass suspension
Aligning a Faraday isolator (Credit:  U. of Florida)

Aligning the laser beam into the vacuum chamber (Credit: U. of Florida)

'Surfing' into the vacuum chamber to access optical components

Overlooking the input optics

Taking a break

LIGO scientist holding an infrared viewer Aligning a small optics suspension tower

Assembling a laser beam polarizer (Credit: U. of Florida)

Installation of e-LIGO input optics(Credit: U. of Florida)

LIGO Hanford control room

Hard at work in the LLO control room (Credit:  S. Finn)

Images are provided by the LIGO Laboratory unless otherwise noted. LIGO Lab images may be used freely in the public domain with appropriate acknowledgement.


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