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Seismic Isolation

BSC dome covers ISI LLO Beam splitter ISI LHO support tube install

LLO passive stack LHO BSC ISI ISI sensor install

LLO HAM5 progress Moving a BSC ISI HAM sus & ISI

Wrapped BSC ISI Wrapped ISI/SUS assembly aLIGO Passive Stack

Installed BSC ISI Installed HAM ISI HEPI assemblies

ISI on test stand ISI in storage container Prepped ISI

HAM ISI Installation HAM ISI Installation iLIGO BSC Passive Stack

Craning a finished ISI to a test stand HEPI installation Starting a BSC ISI assembly

ISI electronics controls BSC vibration isolation platform HAM vibration isolation platform (ISI)

Seismic attenuation system (SAS) in vacuum chamber, January 2006
Initial LIGO HAM isolation stack

ISI table assembly
ISI table installation

Images are provided by the LIGO Laboratory unless otherwise noted. LIGO Lab images may be used freely in the public domain with appropriate acknowledgement.


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