Gravitational Waves Detected 100 Years After Einstein's Prediction
Watch 'LIGO Detection', a documentary about how LIGO made its discovery


May 16, 2016 LSC Statement on Appropriate Content for Scientific Presentations
May 4, 2016 LIGO members awarded The 2016 Gruber Prize in Cosmology
May 2, 2016 LIGO members awarded Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics
Apr 20, 2016 The sensitivity of the Advanced LIGO detectors at the beginning of gravitational wave astronomy
Mar 31, 2016 NSF signs a LIGO-India MoU
Feb 24, 2016 LIGO members testify on the discovery at US Congress
Feb 17, 2016 LIGO-India approved
Feb 12, 2016 White House Congratulates the LIGO Team
Feb 11, 2016 LIGO announces the detection of gravitational waves
Feb 8, 2016 Media Advisory: Scientists to provide update on the search for gravitational waves
Jan 16, 2016 LSC Statement on Harassment
Jan 12, 2016 First Observing Run (O1) ends
Dec 23, 2015 Planning for a bright tomorrow: prospects for gravitational-wave astronomy with Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo
Nov 24, 2015 Stuck in the middle: an all-sky search for gravitational waves of intermediate duration
Nov 20, 2015 "Gravitational waves" hangout -- how and why we try to detect gravitational waves
Oct 14, 2015 First search for low frequency continuous gravitational waves emitted by unseen neutron stars
Oct 14, 2015 Scouting our Galactic neighborhood
Sep 22, 2015 LIGO featured in a BBC radio documentary
Sep 18, 2015 First Observing Run of LIGO's Advanced Detectors Begins
Jun 10, 2015 LIGO Lab and LSC release strain data from Science Run 6
May 19, 2015 Dedication of Advanced LIGO
Feb 24, 2015 What comes next for LIGO? Planning for the post-detection era in gravitational-wave detectors and astrophysics
Feb 13, 2015 LSC's AMA session on
Jan 30, 2015 Watch 'LIGO Generations,' a new documentary about LIGO
Jan 30, 2015 Latest BICEP2/Keck Array/Planck results on primordial gravitational waves

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Feb 11, 2016
Gravitational Waves Detected 100 Years After Einstein's Prediction

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Watch 'LIGO Generations,' a documentary about LIGO
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