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LIGO/Virgo release new catalog of gravitational-wave events

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May 31, 2021 Results of a search for intermediate-mass black holes
May 27, 2021 LIGO/Virgo detectors place constraints on dark photon dark matter
May 24, 2021 Webinar to discuss recent search for lensing signatures in gravitational-wave observations
May 13, 2021 First LVC search for gravitational-wave lensing
Apr 30, 2021 O3a Bulk Strain Data Release
Apr 16, 2021 Timetable for O3a Bulk Strain Data Release
Mar 16, 2021 Read the March 2021 Issue of LIGO Magazine
Mar 16, 2021 Search for anisotropies in the gravitational-wave background
Feb 02, 2021 LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA webinar to discuss new results on the gravitational-wave background
Feb 01, 2021 New Upper Limits on the Gravitational-Wave Background
Jan 25, 2021 LIGO and Virgo to Receive IEEE Milestone Plaques
Dec 25, 2020 New constraints on continuous gravitational waves from neutron stars
Nov 17, 2020 LIGO/Virgo Webinar to discuss tests of general relativity using the second LIGO-Virgo Gravitational-Wave Transient Catalog
Nov 10, 2020 LIGO/Virgo Webinar to discuss population properties of compact objects from second LIGO-Virgo Gravitational-Wave Transient Catalog
Nov 3, 2020 2020 Prime Minister’s Prize for Science awarded to Gravitational-Wave Scientists
Nov 2, 2020 LIGO/Virgo Webinar on the latest results from the first-half of the third observing run
Oct 28, 2020 LIGO and Virgo announce new detections in updated gravitational-wave catalog
Oct 23, 2020 LIGO Hanford Breaks Ground for New Exploration Center
Sep 15, 2020 Read the September 2020 Issue of LIGO Magazine
Sep 2, 2020 Press release: A “bang” in LIGO and Virgo detectors signals most massive gravitational-wave source yet
Sep 1, 2020 Webinar on latest results from the LIGO-Virgo-Kagra Collaboration
Aug 12, 2020 LIGO detectors receive a glowing end-of-run review
Jul 29, 2020 Best constraints yet on the size of "mountains" on millisecond pulsars
Jun 23, 2020 Press release: LIGO-Virgo finds mystery object in the 'mass gap'
Jun 21, 2020 Webinar on latest results from the LIGO-Virgo-Kagra Collaboration
Apr 20, 2020 LIGO-Virgo Detect the Merger of Two Black Holes with Unequal Masses
Mar 26, 2020 Third Observing Run is suspended one month early due to COVID-19 pandemic
Mar 17, 2020 Read the March 2020 Issue of LIGO Magazine
Jan 6, 2020 Press release: LIGO-Virgo Network Catches Another Neutron Star Collision
Nov 5, 2019 LIGO's Third Observing Run Resumes
Oct 4, 2019 KAGRA to Join LIGO and Virgo in Hunt for Gravitational Waves
Oct 3, 2019 LIGO's Commissioning Break Commences
Sep 4, 2019 Read the September 2019 Issue of LIGO Magazine
Aug 12, 2019 LIGO's Third Observing Run Started with a Bang!
May 2, 2019 Press release: LIGO and Virgo Detect Neutron Star Smash-Ups
Mar 31, 2019 LSC Elects Patrick Brady as New Spokesperson
Mar 26, 2019 Press release: LIGO and Virgo Resume Search for Ripples in Space and Time
Mar 20, 2019 Read the March 2019 Issue of LIGO Magazine
Feb 27, 2019 O2 data set now available
Feb 15, 2019 LIGO Receives New Funding to Upgrade Detectors
Dec 3, 2018 Press release: LIGO and Virgo release catalog of gravitational-wave events from first and second observing runs
Nov 21, 2018 Winners of 2018 Excellence in Detector Characterization and Calibration Award Are Announced
Nov 1, 2018 LIGO and Virgo Collaborations Working to Make Data and Analysis Techniques Available to All
Oct 18, 2018 LIGO Scientists Awarded New Horizons in Physics Prize
Oct 16, 2018 "Ripples of Gravity, Flashes of Light" One Year On
Oct 3, 2018 LIGO Lab Announces Award for Excellence in Detector Characterization and Calibration
Jul 12, 2018 LSC Congratulates our IceCube colleagues on multi-messenger breakthrough
Apr 24, 2018 Update on the start of LIGO's 3rd observing run
Mar 21, 2018 Read the March 2018 Issue of LIGO Magazine
Nov 15, 2017 LIGO and Virgo announce black hole merger detected in June 2017
Oct 16, 2017 Press release: LIGO and Virgo make first detection of gravitational waves produced by colliding neutron stars
Oct 11, 2017 Media Release: Scientists to discuss new developments in gravitational-wave astronomy
Oct 3, 2017 The LSC congratulates Rainer Weiss, Barry Barish, and Kip Thorne on winning the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics
Sep 27, 2017 Press release: LIGO and Virgo make the first joint detection of merging black holes
Aug 30, 2017 Read the August 2017 Issue of LIGO Magazine
Aug 25, 2017 A very exciting LIGO-Virgo Observing run is drawing to a close August 25
Aug 1, 2017 Upgraded Virgo joins LIGO during the 2nd observing run
Jul 20, 2017 LIGO and Virgo Collaborations preparing a brief guide to LIGO detector noise and extraction of gravitational-wave signals
Jul 7, 2017 July 2017 update on LIGO's second observing run
Jun 16, 2017 First triple lock of LIGO and Virgo interferometers
Jun 1, 2017 Press release: LIGO detects third confirmed binary black hole merger
Mar 29, 2017 LSC elects David Shoemaker as new spokesperson
Mar 15, 2017 Read the March 2017 Issue of LIGO Magazine
Mar 9, 2017 LSC mourns the passing of LIGO co-founder Ronald Drever
Feb 3, 2017 Science Summary: Searching for continuous gravitational waves from pulsars
Jan 27, 2017 LIGO Leadership recognized by National Academy of Sciences and American Astronomical Society prizes; LIGO Team recognized by Royal Astronomical Society
Jan 26, 2016 LIGO Detection documentary film to premiere on New Scientist on February 7
Dec 13, 2016 Listening for the background of gravitational waves with Advanced LIGO
Dec 3, 2016 LIGO to be honored at Special Breakthrough Prize Ceremony on December 4th; watch LIVE
Nov 30, 2016 LIGO Resumes Search for Gravitational Waves
Nov 29, 2016 What's behind the mysterious gamma-ray bursts? LIGO's search for clues to their origins
Oct 12, 2016 Gravity Spy Is Launched
Sep 14, 2016 LIGO Celebrates First Anniversary of Gravitational Wave Detection
Sep 7, 2016 Advanced LIGO Engineering Team Wins OSA's 2016 Paul F. Forman Team Engineering Excellence Award
Sep 6, 2016 LSC Congratulates the LISA Pathfinder Team on the Satellite Mission Success
Jun 21, 2016 Searching for Gravitational Wave Bursts in Coincidence with Short Duration Radio Bursts
Jun 15, 2016 Press release: LIGO announces 2nd confirmed detection of gravitational waves
Jun 2, 2016 LIGO founders win The 2016 Kavli Prize in Astrophysics
May 31, 2016 LIGO founders receive The Shaw Prize in Astronomy
May 16, 2016 LSC Statement on Appropriate Content for Scientific Presentations
May 4, 2016 LIGO members awarded The 2016 Gruber Prize in Cosmology
May 2, 2016 LIGO members awarded Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics
Apr 20, 2016 The sensitivity of the Advanced LIGO detectors at the beginning of gravitational wave astronomy
Mar 31, 2016 NSF signs a LIGO-India MoU
Feb 24, 2016 LIGO members testify on the discovery at US Congress
Feb 17, 2016 LIGO-India approved
Feb 12, 2016 White House Congratulates the LIGO Team
Feb 11, 2016 Press release: LIGO announces the detection of gravitational waves

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Weiss, Barish, Thorne win the Nobel Prize

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