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The LIGO Scientific Collaboration maintains a vigorous research program covering all aspects of gravitational wave science, including the design, development, and characterization of large scale gravitational wave detectors, development of data analysis techniques and algorithms for searching for gravitational waves using detector data, understanding the astrophysical implications of our searches, and conducting fundamental and applied research needed for developing future gravitational wave detectors which can probe deeper in the universe.

The LSC Program document outlines the Collaboration’s priorities for the research, development, design, commissioning, and operation of current and future ground-based gravitational wave detectors. It also discusses the LSC's plans for the development, implementation, and interpretation of gravitational-wave searches and observations, as well as the services and management necessary for the operation of the collaboration.

Read the latest version of the LSC Program document.

Learn more about LSC research by reading the LSC research white papers below.

LSC Gravitational Wave Instrument Science White Paper

The LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC) maintains a research and development program directed toward the improvement of the current generation of LIGO and GEO interferometers as well as toward the development of concepts, prototypes, components, and modeling for future interferometer configurations. Research is conducted broadly along four main themes: novel interferometer topologies and sensing schemes for future gravitational wave detectors, advanced high power laser concepts and prototyping for future detectors, test mass mirror and ancillary optical materials and components, and methods for improving the vibration isolation of test mass mirrors through suspension and seismic isolation.

LSC Gravitational Wave Observational Science White Paper

The LSC-Virgo-KAGRA Observational Science White Paper describes the planned activities of the members of the four astrophysical search working groups, including science goals and methods.

LSC Education and Public Outreach White Paper

The LSC Education and Public Outreach White Paper describes the goals, status, and plans of the LSC in the area of Education and Public Outreach.

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